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You tell us exactly what you’re looking for in a new home and we’ll invest our own money to go out and find off-market properties that match EXACTLY what you’re looking for, owned by sellers that are ready to make a move. This program is offered at absolutely no charge.

It's a tough home buying market out there.

You might have seen a few houses you really loved, you could have even made an offer or two, but you've come up empty handed. Right now, you're probably thinking that the perfect home is something you'll never find in the Rochester area.

We hold the key to your perfect home.

As one of the top real estate teams in the area, we have access to all types of homes that are not on the open market. From ranch homes to lake-front properties and everywhere in between, we help our savvy buyers find the exact home they're looking for with our Perfect Home Finder program.

We've Got The Insider Real Estate Info You Never Knew You Needed

Our Perfect Home Finder program allows you to casually look at a few properties with absolutely no obligation to ever make a move. But, if we do find your dream home, imagine being the first one to see it and the only offer on the table!

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