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Ogden Heights West

At Marc-Mar Homes Inc., we build you a home that holds everything that’s important to you. As a third generation builder and developer in upstate New York, we understand the importance of character, integrity and excellence, not just in the structure but in each and every craftsman that has a part in building it. Our family owned tradition has made us one of the most influential names in the building industry.

Sunday dinners, family celebrations, a place to feel safe….it means something to you, so it means everything to us; simply because we want you to love where you live.

Home is where the heart is.

At Marc-Mar Homes we build homes that hold everything that's important to you.

Our Ogden Heights West neighborhood offers comfort, connection and serenity. Located just off Spencerport Road you won't have far to travel for shopping, schools or cultural resources.

Starting with the plan of your choice, we help personalize the design to ensure you and your family have the perfect place to relax and celebrate,live the every day moments that make family life wonderful.