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The town of Chili, NY offers homebuyers a fusion of suburban and rural living, with a rich history, a sense of community, and affordability. With a steadily growing population, Chili residents enjoy a cost of living significantly lower than the national average. Families are served by three quality school districts—Churchville-Chili, Gates-Chili, and Wheatland-Chili. Chili is also home to Roberts Wesleyan University, enriching the local culture with vibrant student life and frequent community events, including concerts, sports, educational programs, theater, and more. 

The town boasts an abundance of businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, catering to a variety of tastes and lifestyles. Chili’s vibrant business community is actively supported by a Chamber of Commerce committed to fostering economic growth and enhancing local living with civic projects, scholarships, and town beautification efforts. Nestled in the scenic, glacially carved landscape of Monroe County, Chili offers swaths of local and county-maintained parkland including the beloved Black Creek Park, 1,500 forested acres for hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and more. 

Whether you are drawn to the bustling center of Chili, the serene rural stretches of South Chili, or the cozy community vibe of West Chili, this town has something to offer everyone. Choosing Chili as your hometown means embracing a life where community, affordability, and nature go hand in hand.

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