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The Town of Penfield is the sixth largest town in Monroe County, covering a land area of 37.85 square miles with an estimated population of 38,000 residents. The town borders the east side of Irondequoit Bay. Penfield is one of the fastest-growing communities in the county. Individuals and families are attracted to Penfield for the quality of schools in the Penfield and the Webster School Districts that serve our community, a vibrant music scene, and rich performing and visual arts communities. With more than 1,400 acres of open space and parkland, and hundreds of miles of trails, walkways, and sidewalks, residents have plenty of opportunities to be active, be well, and enjoy life.

The business community in Penfield has long been recognized as a cornerstone of their early beginnings when Daniel Penfield founded this great community in 1810 and inspired a robust milling industry. The Thousand Acre Swamp is full of unique habitats. The preserve has an extensive boardwalk and trail system. There are several gorgeously maintained parks in the town of Penfield. The Penfield Community Victory Garden is located on a 3.3-acre piece of Town-owned land south of Rothfuss Park. The garden is divided into 7′ x 16′ beds that may be rented by Penfield residents.

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