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Rochester, NY is the 4th most populated city in New York State and is the birthplace of many prominent people and companies. Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, and George Eastman are just a few of the important figures that called Rochester, NY home. A big city with a small town feel, the city of Rochester is a culturally diverse, historically rich place to lay down your roots. The city is divided into dozens of distinct neighborhoods and urban villages, each with their own historical and architectural significance. Historic homes abound in every neighborhood, many touting original wood trim, tiles, hardwood floors, and stunning architectural features.

A hub of innovation with several college campuses right in the city limits, Rochester is making waves in the fields of imaging, optics, and photonics and is well on its way to leading the world in these industries.

The Rochester Public Library is a vibrant part of the Monroe County Library System, with the Central Library in the heart of downtown and 10 other branches in neighborhoods throughout Rochester.

Rochester City Schools’ mission to foster students’ individual talents and abilities in a nurturing environment of equity is alive and well with teachers, staff, and administration teeming with passion.

There is no shortage of cultural institutions in Rochester including The Strong Museum of Play, the Memorial Art Gallery, The George Eastman House, and the Geva Theater Centre. If a diversity of dining experiences is integral to your lifestyle, look no further than the city of Rochester. From classic diners to farm-to-table and everywhere in between, restauranteurs have their finger on the pulse. But Rochester is also home to Wegmans, so if meal planning and cooking are the way of your family, between the grocery stores, specialty and international food stores, and Rochester Public Market, if you envision preparing meals in your new home, Rochester has you covered.

You will have no trouble getting in touch with nature as Rochester cares for many parks and green spaces throughout the city. Highland Park and Cobbs Hill are both expansive and lovingly maintained.

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