Dreaming Of A New Home

Is This Some Kind of Dream?

I encourage my real estate clients to not be in a big hurry when thinking about selling their home.

It’s extremely exciting to think about a new home in a new neighborhood but you don’t want to get too excited about selling the current house unless you’ve casually looked around at available homes to ensure you’ll find your dream home.

In turn, it’s important that you know about our Dream Home Finder Program where my team will invest up to $2,000 in direct marketing to the exact neighborhoods, price range, and style of home you are most interested in which allows us to find OFF market homes that nobody else knows are for sale!

This is an extremely popular program that has allowed our clients to find their dream home that matches EXACTLY what they are looking for, rather than being stuck with whatever is available on the MLS.

The happiness of my real estate clients is priority #1 with me, and I know that if I can find you the perfect house, matching exactly what you want in your most desired area, you’ll be a friend and a fan for life.

The Dream Home Finder Program does this for us time and time again.

Here’s how it works: Most people get in too big of a hurry in deciding to move when they haven’t even looked around to see what else is available yet. Our Dream Home Finder Program allows you to look at homes that are currently available as well as any unlisted homes that we find for you and gives you NO PRESSURE to ever make a move at all!

It’s nice to be able to consider a possible move without actually putting your home on the market yet. With this approach, you can feel more educated as to your best options and you’ll have a really good idea of what may be available for you before you decide to put your current home on the market.

After we’ve looked at a few homes together, I’ll have a very good idea of what you are most interested in as far as features, amenities, areas, etc., and I will invest up to $2,000 to find you an off-market home matching your exact Dream Home specifications.

This puts you in a “category of one” meaning you are the ONLY potential home buyer that knows these sellers want to sell. This is a tremendous benefit because it can allow you to secure a property far below market value since it’s not on the open market, allowing multiple buyers to bid on the home.

This is a very popular program for my clients that may be getting a slight itch to move but haven’t fully decided yet. This makes it simple. If you find the perfect home, you move forward. If not, you’ve committed to nothing and you don’t have to make a move!

If you’d like more information on the Dream Home Finder Program, just give me a quick call.

I’m sure you have a general idea of the areas you are most interested in and what type of home may better fit your needs compared to the one you are in now.

Let’s have a quick discussion on the phone to see if this is something you’d want to pursue. After all, there’s nothing more fun than casually looking at homes and finding out about tremendous deals on unlisted properties that you may get at a tremendous discount. Let’s chat about it today!


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