The Back to School Home Sale

Preparing for a successful fall home sale

The truth about the “After-Summer” market

More often than not, buyers and sellers we work with in Rochester and western New York State are almost completely focused on June, July & August as the “must-sell” months. We agree that those are extremely popular and busy times to sell and purchase homes. That also means there’s a LOT of competition (on both sides) to list and market a home as well as get to an open house and/or private showing. And then there’s the “personal schedule”. Fighting for time to relax, vacation and enjoy summer in the Northeast most definitely creates conflicts with both sellers and buyers.

That’s Why Fall is the 2nd Busiest time.

SCHOOL. While your children may not be happy that summer has come to an end, some sense of “normal” is returning to most households. Whether children are attending local elementary – high school or they’re headed out for college, a daily routine is once again part of the week.

And with some of the summer-home-sale competition passed, there is a greater opportunity to sell and see those homes that are available, right now!

Getting Ready

Summer may have held a number of home repairs for you. Exterior painting jobs, Cleaning up flowerbeds and coordinating hanging baskets are often simple ways to dress up your property. And the longer daylight helps to provide the time to address those. Now that the summer temperatures have begun to cool, it’s a great time to perform the final small touch ups like:


The weather often remains mild and sunny through September. While the days are beginning to cool, we are often experience a mix of sun and rain with very little added maintenance around the yard. Paying attention to:

  • Window cleaning
  • Scratches and scrapes near door kick plates
  • Lawn trimming around walkways and driveway
  • Lawn clean up with pets


October & Early November

Traditionally, the weather is really beginning to cool, now. Depending on the year, we may even see a little snow and trees are beginning shed their leaves. All of that can translate into more exterior maintenance as well as interior clean up. You’ll want to look at:

  • Window cleaning
  • Raking and removal of leaves and other debris
  • Interior clean up with people coming in and out with “muddy shoes”
  • Keeping the garage organized as tools are used in the yard
  • Lawn clean up with pets

Stay focused with a Real Estate Professional

We understand that while having children back in school makes portions of your day more manageable, it can also create stress in other ways. Keeping your eye on the goal of selling your home becomes easier when you work with an knowledgeable real estate professional. The Sharon Quataert Team has over 30 years of experience with residential real estate in this region. We enjoy working with sellers and buyers in order to accomplish their property goals. Contact us at 585-900-1111 for more information!

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