Samantha Kopicki

Marketing Director

While Samantha’s official role at Sharon Quataerty Realty is marketing director, she wears many hats. Marketing is a broad term, and at the Q-Team, it involves copywriting, graphic design, data analysis, digital advertsing, social media expertise, and so much more. With 5+ years of experience, and a desire for learning, her ever-growing knowledge supports the team’s success and fuels growth. Through research and creativity, she has helped facilitate more effective and unique advertising efforts that benefit the team as a whole, and our clients, buyers and sellers alike.

When she’s not behind the computer, you can find her spending time with her husband and their two dogs, reading, or traveling.

Samantha’s knowledge of the real estate industry, familiarity with the area (born & raised Rochestarian), ability to learn quickly, and out of the box thinking help her provide consistent branding and messaging in all things Sharon Quataert Realty.

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