#QTeamTips ROC Home Buyers – What To Do If The Dream Homebuyer Grant Funds Run Out

Learn what to do if the dream homebuyer grant funds run out in this video with Brittany and Katie!

Are you looking for a home? Have you wondered if there are any resources available to make that first time home buying process a bit more manageable? You’re not alone! That’s why a lot of first time home buyers have been taking advantage of the dream homebuyer grant that contributes towards the purchase of a home. Unfortunately, those funds are coming to a close.

What other first time home buying information and funds are out there?

  • Learn about lender credit
  • Find out what concessions are
  • Learn about grants (give us a call and we’d be happy to provide recommendations for where you can find information, from Canandaguia National Bank & Trust to Genesee Regional Bank. Even if the process seems complicated, we can help you through it!)
  • Find out how much you need to save
  • We can help you get the applications started
  • We’d love to help you understand all the costs you might incur without grant money

We can help you understand everything to know about first time home buying! That’s why we’d love it if you gave us a call at (585) 900 – 1111 and ask for Brittany or Katie!

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