New Resolutions

Not Your Standard Resolutions

80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. So, how about making a resolution about something you will DO instead of NOT do? Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Volunteer and give more to charity – Check out the Villa of Hope . We adopt several individuals from the Villa each holiday season so that no one goes without – but they need help every day!
  2. Learn a new language – Rochester has one of the largest hearing impaired communities in the United States. Expand your linguistic abilities by learning Sign Language.
  3. Learn to cook – even if it’s just an egg! It’s a new start and if you stick to it and you’ll be making Chicken French soon enough.
  4. Learn more about art, music, culture, etc. One of our favorite places to visit very neat art is at Artisan Works
  5. Have more face-to-face conversations instead of looking at your phone.
  6. Give your friends and family the joy of a handwritten greeting by sending birthday cards through the mail! What an excellent and thoughtful surprise.

Good luck and we wouldn’t mind if you reported back to us about your resolution!

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