How Do You Increase the Value of Your Home?

Your home will likely be one of the largest and most expensive assets you’ll ever own, so it’s important to ensure that you keep its value even with other homes that are similar to it in your neighborhood.

As you start seeing other homeowners making upgrades to the inside or outside of their property, it’s important that you also keep up with the revitalization of your own home.

Sometimes something as simple as a landscape upgrade can make it feel like you live in an entirely different house each time you pull in the driveway. A fresh coat of paint or new flooring can also make the inside feel new and will keep your home’s value on par with other properties in the neighborhood that have had similar improvements.

We are all aware that your property’s overall value has a lot to do with comparable home sales in your area. Of course, certain upgrades can make a significant difference in value.

Don’t Put Off What Can Be Done Today

Each home is unique. There are generally a few low-cost projects you can do to increase its overall value by $10,000 to $20,000. As a real estate professional, I meet with my clients periodically and take a quick tour of their home to see what they’ve done and provide some professional advice about things they could do to increase the value and marketability of their home. We’ve found that this works much better than waiting five or six years until it’s time to move again and then having to do multiple projects at the same time in order to get the home sold for the best price.

The Old Advice Still Has Merit

Also keep in mind that before you plan to sell your home it’s best to declutter as much as possible. Since we live in our houses every day, things can start to accumulate and, before you know it, there’s clutter stacked in various places. Often, when a potential buyer is looking at a house, it’s because they need more space. You want your property to look like it’s loaded with space! This can easily be done by selling, donating or throwing things away, helping your house look more open.

If you’d like some professional advice on how you can increase the value of your home, just give me a call and I can swing by. As a Realtor, I’m always driving around town so it’s no problem at all to stop by and safely walk through your house with you. We can also do a video chat if that fits better for you. That’s also a good time for us to catch up for a moment!

You know how to reach me!

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