Buying Existing vs Building Your Home…

So, you’ve searched the web on your own and visited numerous properties online and it’s becoming clear that available homes are in short supply and the homes that are for sale get multiple offers, leaving all but one buyer out in the cold – again! Since 2016, we’ve been in a seller’s market and it seems like this will be the reality through 2019 buying season. For many home buyers, they’ve abandoned the “pre-built” market in favor of building their new home.

Building Your New Home May Be Your Answer Too

There a few things to keep in mind while considering a “new build” – here are a few discussion starters that will help you through the decision process:

Location – Location – Location

No matter how beautiful your home, it should be located in the area that makes sense for your family. At Sharon Q Realty, part of our job is to ask you the questions which will guide you to the best place for you  to live. What are your interests? Where do you work? What kinds of schools do you want your children to attend? Questions like these (and more) will help you make an informed decision.

Work the Numbers with Your Mortgage Lender

Working with a lender who understands the building process is a huge plus. At Sharon Q Realty, we’ve built great relationships with several area mortgage experts who make sure our building clients get the best terms for their mortgage. They are always available to “run the numbers” with you and to answer whatever questions you may have about  your mortgage.

What to Spend Your Money On – Upgrades vs. Square Footage

A lot of times, people building their first home focus on the bottom line without regard to their future needs. For instance, they will spend money to upgrade the fits and finishes in their new home instead of considering their future needs for more space.  Carpets, dishwashers and tile are easy to replace, creating additional space is a bit more difficult. 

This is more than a simple budget question and it should be discussed early on in your home building process. We will help you focus on your current needs and consider you future needs as well.

Build a Home You Want to Live in and One That Will Sell, too!

We will help you make the “this or that” decisions that will come up as you build your house and will help keep you on track with your budget. We’ll also help make sure the house you are building now will serve your family through the years and that when you eventually decide to sell, it won’t be overpriced for your neighborhood.

There are a lot of great builders in the Rochester area. Let’s sit down and talk about what your needs are and how we can help you find the site, builder and plans you’ll need to make your new home a reality!

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