Dreaming of a New Home

By Sharon Quataert | January 7, 2020

Is This Some Kind of Dream? I encourage my real estate clients to not be in a big hurry when thinking about selling their home. It’s extremely exciting to think about a new home in a new neighborhood but you don’t want to get too excited about selling the current house unless you’ve casually looked…

New Resolutions

By Sharon Quataert | December 31, 2019

Not Your Standard Resolutions 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. So, how about making a resolution about something you will DO instead of NOT do? Here’s a few ideas: Volunteer and give more to charity – Check out the Villa of Hope . We adopt several individuals from the Villa each holiday season…

Home Renovations for Max ROI

By Sharon Quataert | December 9, 2019

With few exceptions, most people who are selling their homes are looking for that sweet spot of home improvements that is somewhere between getting maximum return on their effort for minimum cost and time. Read on for some of our top quick recommendations!  

Selling Your Home – Wait or No?

By Sharon Quataert | November 7, 2019

Thinking of Selling Your Home? The Waiting Is The Hardest Part. Tom Petty famously penned the words, “the waiting is the hardest part” in his early 80’s hit song The Waiting, and his thought process can surprisingly also be applied to individuals considering selling their homes today. Traditional thinking would suggest it may be best to wait until…

A Short History: Halloween

By Sharon Quataert | October 30, 2019

Halloween – Yet Another Fun Irish Tradition Halloween is based on the 5th century Gaelic festival of Samhain (sow-in). This festival marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the winter season when cattle were brought back from their summer pastures and livestock were slaughtered for the winter. According to Celtic mythology…

Now is a Great Time to Sell

By Sharon Quataert | October 7, 2019

Existing-Home Sales Report Indicates Now Is a Great Time to Sell The best time to sell anything is when demand for that item is high and the supply of that item is limited. The latest Existing-Home Sales Report released by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), reveals that demand for housing continues to be strong, but the supply is…

Practicing good seller’s etiquette

By Sharon Quataert | September 19, 2019

Practicing good seller’s etiquette Let’s face it, there’s a lot of things that happen when you open your house for others to look around. Here are a few tips to get through the process with the least amount of stress: We’ve Said It Before But It Bears Repeating By now you’ve heard from us, HGTV,…

Sharon Quataert Realty wins the RBJ Excellence in Construction & Real Estate Award

By Sharon Quataert | September 5, 2019

Rochester Business Journal and The Daily Record selected Sharon Quataert of Sharon Quataert Realty to receive the 2019 Excellence in Construction & Real Estate Award. New in 2019, the Excellence in Construction & Real Estate awards celebrate the individuals and companies who are changing the landscape of the Rochester region through design, construction, project management, and more. These…

How To: Prepare to Buy a Home

By Sharon Quataert | August 14, 2019

As a first time home buyer, or as someone who has been out of the home buying market for a bit, you might not know or remember the steps you need to take in order for your home purchase to go smoothly. We’re here to help! Talk to mortgage bankers. Many buyers get caught up…

Pricing Your Home to Sell

By Sharon Quataert | August 6, 2019

Pricing Your Home to Sell Pricing your home to sell is a perfect mixture of art and science. How you price it will affect three things: Whether you will profit in the sale How much you will profit How long your home will sit on the market At Sharon Q Realty, our knowledge of the…