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#Q-Team Tips – How Are Record Low Interest Rates Impacting Rochester Home Buyers?

Katie and Brittany Quataert

How are record low interest rates impacting Rochester home buyers?   If you’re curious about what these record low interest rates mean for you as a home buyer in Rochester, watch this short video where Brittany and Katie tell you everything you need to know from buying power to investment opportunities.   Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SharonQTeam Instagram:…

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What’s The Housing Market Look Like For The Rest of 2020?

One of the biggest questions on everyone’s minds these days is: What’s going to happen to the housing market in the second half of the year? Based on recent data on the economy, unemployment, real estate, and more, many economists are revising their forecasts for the remainder of 2020 – and the outlook is extremely encouraging. Here’s…

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Is Timing Really Everything?

This is the question of all questions when it comes to real estate. As a professional agent and marketing specialist, I talk to homeowners during every month of the year who are hoping to “time the market” to sell their home for as much as possible. The common misconception is that a home will sell…

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How Far Is Starbucks From Your Home?

Lately, statistics have shown that your home’s value can be dependent upon your proximity to the local Starbucks, Wegmans, Trader Joe’s or any other local grocery store or fast food location. According to Zillow, the things that increase your home’s value include good school districts and neighborhoods, larger square footage and the home’s closeness to…

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Homebuyers Are in the Mood to Buy TODAY!

According to the latest FreddieMac Quarterly Forecast, mortgage interest rates have fallen to historically low levels this spring and they’re projected to remain low. This is even more motivation for buyers who are ready to purchase. And homeowners looking for eager buyers can take advantage of this opportune time to sell as well. That said,…

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